Airtel Family Share – How to share Data pack in Airtel ?


Hello Guys, We are back with new loot,  Airtel Family Share, Have you heard about this? In this article, I am going to explain to you, what is Airtel family share? And what it’s the use? Guys as you know very well Airtel is Top Telecom network. Airtel has launched new share features or Data share features.

The best thing in Airtel is that you can share the Airtel data with your friends. Airtel data sharing is not only for family members. You can share the data with your friends too. This is not a short time period, The Airtel is offering this sharing feature for a long time. But many peoples are still Don’t know about this Data sharing.

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Let’s start about Airtel family share


Why people Don’t know about Airtel Data Share?

The reason is lack of information and I don’t blame peoples because the Airtel has not informed their subscribers. And Airtel customer Executives also not even informing about Airtel Data Share features. Just leave on that topic, Now I am going to tell you about the main topic. Just follow all the steps for Airtel Data share features.

What is Airtel Family share?

  • Airtel Data sharing feature is one of the great features offered by the Airtel.
  • With the Help of the data sharing feature, You can share Airtel Data with your friends and family members without any much stretch.
  • This feature is not only for family members, But You can also share the Data with your neighbors too.
  • This feature is only on Airtel to Airtel mobile number, You cannot share your Data with another operator like Jio, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone.

Why you cannot share your Data with another operator?

  • The feature is only for Airtel to Airtel customer, You can share data for only airtel customers, not for another operator.
  • Airtel also doesn’t allow to share data with any other telecom mobile operator.
  • So now I am going to tell you how you can transfer Airtel data from one mobile number to another Airtel mobile number.

How to share the Internet on Airtel?

  • There are several methods in which you can share your Airtel Data across the Airtel network.
  • In this article, I am going to tell you two methods that you can transfer easily from one number to another mobile number without any effort or stretch.

How to Transfer Data From Airtel to Airtel Number

Method 1:-

  • First, You need to open your smartphone and then open your dialer pad.
  • After opening the dialer pad, You need to dial *129*101# USSD code.
  • Once you enter this USSD code in your dialer pad, then click on the call button.
  • After a three-second, You will get an option to transfer your Airtel internet from one mobile to another mobile number.
  • After that, You will get the option to share Airtel Data.
  • Now, You need to dial a number to share Airtel data then enter another Airtel mobile number in which you want to share your data.
  • Next, you will get one option, Follow the steps to transfer the Airtel data to another airtel mobile number.

Method 2:-

  • First, you need to download My Airtel app from the Offer Page
  • Now you will be redirected to Google Play store, Just click on install the My Airtel app.
  • Next, You need to login to My Airtel app, Verify your mobile number with OTP and log in the Airtel app
  • Now you need to click on left menu icon and select My Family share option
  • Now you need to add your family mobile number and then you can be able to transfer your internet data on Airtel.
  • You can set limitations of Data usage.
  • That’s it.

Airtel Family Share FAQ-

How to add family members to Airtel?

Ans:- Just you need to send an SMS by typing ADD send it to 121

How to remove Airtel family members?

Ans:- Type an SMS as DEL and send it to  121, and then your family member will be deleted from your Family list.

Conclusion of Airtel Family Share

Guys, We hope you will enjoy from Airtel Data share, Many peoples don’t know about this, So always we are trying to find out new loot. The Data sharing feature is one of the topmost features. It’s very helpful for every person. Just keep visiting on for more loot. Thanks.



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