Best Rummy Apps in India to Earn Paytm Cash (Latest)

Hello Readers, hope you are all doing well. Today in this post, I will tell you the Best Rummy Apps in India to Earn Paytm Cash. So are you excited to know about the best rummy app for Paytm cash? If yes, please read this blog till the end to know in detail. So Guys, Let’s get started without wasting your valuable time.

Nowadays all students & needy people want to earn some extra cash for their pocket money. That’s why many users ask me for the best rummy app for real money. No need to worry guys. In this post, I am going to introduce you to the top rummy apps in India. So that you can refer with your family members or friends circle to earn some decent Paytm money.

Indian Rummy Apps is too much popular after the launching of 4G network. You should know that Indian rummy apps are also known as rami apps, rammy apps. What are the reasons behind Indian rummy apps multiple names? I will be going to explain everything which is related to Indian rummy apps.

Best Rummy Apps in India to Earn Paytm Cash

Best Rummy Apps in India to Earn Paytm Cash

Here is the list of popular & best Indian rummy apps in India. You can download those apps & start earning Paytm cash. Wait! read this blog till the end then you can leave to start downloading those Indian rummy apps.

Rummy AppsReferral CodeSign Up Bonus
Paytm First Gamesbdqmcr514Rs.50

1. Paytm First Games Rummy App – Play Rummy Online


Paytm First game is one of the fast-growing rummy app in India. As you know, Paytm launched this rummy app a few years ago for rummy lovers who want to play rummy & earn Paytm cash online. It has most of the board games which you can find in any other rummy apps.

No need to worry about Paytm first game withdrawal. Paytm is a very big digital company which is operated by N99 Communication Ltd. This is one of the safest rummy apps as per data security also. Winning Paytm cash by playing rummy is not so easy at all. You need to practice on a regular basis for better accuracy & high chances of winning.

Few Benefits of Paytm First Games

Image Credit: Paytm First Games

Paytm first games give you an attractive joining bonus of 50 Rs. You can download Paytm first game from here also. Now I will tell you how to download Paytm Rummy App to start earning by playing rummy

Steps To Download Paytm First Game App

Step 1: First of all you need to click on “” this link.

Step 2: Enter your mobile number to get the app link through SMS.


Step 3: Check your inbox for links. After getting an SMS click on the link to download the app.

Step 4: Allow permission for app installation & get installed the Paytm First Game app successfully.

Step 5: Open the app & complete your signup process with correct details.

Step 6: Enter this referral code “bdqmcr514” while signup to get a bonus amount of 50 Rs.

Step 7: Boom! Now you can play rummy with Paytm First Game App.

You can withdraw your winning fund through UPI, Paytm Wallet & a direct bank account also. It takes a few times for processing your withdrawals.

You can read more about Paytm first game referral code.

2. Gamezy Rummy App – Play Rummy Online


Gamezy Rummy App launched a few months ago. It gives you the best Paytm cash earning by playing rummy games. With Gamezy, you can play fantasy cricket also to earn more Paytm cash online. You can withdraw your winning amount directly to Paytm.

Why You Choose Gamezy Rummy App?


While signup on Gamezy App use “5PQVY2” this refer code to get 100 Rs instantly. Also, you can refer Gamezy app to your friends & family members to earn up to 1000 Rs as a referral bonus. Now I will tell you the steps to download Gamezy Rummy App to start earning Paytm cash. 

Steps To Download Gamezy Rummy App

Step 1: First of all you need to click on “” this link.

Step 2: Enter your mobile number & click on the “Get Download Link” button to get the app download link through SMS.


Step 3: After getting the Gamezy app link, download the app & install it through any browser. Don’t forget to allow permission while app installation.

Step 4: After downloading, open the Gamezy app to register yourself with the correct details.

Step 5: Enter “5PQVY2” this refer code while signup to get a joining bonus of 100 Rs.

Step 6: Boom! Now you are ready to play rummy games with Gamezy to earn real Paytm cash.

You can play many more games other than rummy also. You can win surely to get withdrawal directly to Paytm or bank transfer. Within a few days, you will get your amount credited to your account.

3. Ace2Three (A23) Rummy App – Play Rummy Online


Ace2Three(A23), One of the oldest rummy app in India to earn real Paytm cash. Ace2Three(A23) provides a better gaming experience with satisfaction. Till now more than 20Million+ users already registered & played rummy card games to earn free Paytm cash.

When you play rummy games with Ace2Three(A23), you can realize the gaming experience with live players all over India. You can improve your rummy playing skills day by day. Ace2Three(A23) provides a personalized gaming experience for all levels of players. You get a chance daily to win something big with Ace2Three(A23). Now move forward to the steps to download Ace2Three(A23) rummy app easily.

Steps To Download Ace2Three (A23) Rummy App

Step 1: You need to click on “” this link.

Step 2: Ace2Three allows you to download the app through QR Code/ Link download or signup directly from the website.

Step 3: You can signup directly from the website or enter your mobile number & click on the “Get App Link” button to get the app download link through SMS.

Step 4: If you want to signup with the website, follow the below steps:-

Click on the signup button & enter your details with “DH0EBI” this refer code to get a bonus.


Enter your OTP to complete the signup process. Then you can play rummy games here.

*If you wish to download the Ace2Three app by entering your mobile number to get app link by SMS or by QR Code, then click on the “Signup” page & enter your mobile number or scan QR               code.


Step 5: After getting the app link through SMS, down & install the Ace2Three app.

Step 6: Open the app & complete your signup process after entering your details & “DH0EBI” this referral code for joining bonus amount.

Step 7: After registration, you can play rummy easily & try your luck with the Ace2Three rummy app.

With the Ace2Three rummy app, you can earn up to 15000 Rs by referring your friends & family members. You can check out this rummy app now.

4. Playerzpot Rummy App – Play Rummy Online

Playerzpot offers you very wide rummy games. Also, you can play many Fantasy games to earn real Paytm cash in India. You have wonderful chances to choose your online players, your teams.

Playerzpot supports all major payment methods like UPI, Paytm, Visa & Mastercard. So that you can get your fund easily without any hassle. This rummy app used by more than 7Million+ users.

Some Features Of PlayerzPot Rummy Apps


Steps To Download PlayerzPot Rummy App Online

Step 1: First of all download playerzpot app

Step 2: After downloading just open the app and enter your mobile number, email and click on submit

Step 3: Then select your state and enter Playerzpot referral code KHIM5938 to get Rs.100 sign up bonus instantly.

Step 4: Finally click on create, confirm your password and verify your account by entering otp which you will get on your number which you have entered in step 2.

Step 5: That’s it you will get sign up bonus. Also complete email verification to get free bonus. You can also enjoy 25% cashback on first deposit upto Rs.70.

5. RummyCircle Rummy App – Play Rummy Online


RummyCircle Rummy App developed by Bengali developer which is promoted by Bengali superstar Prasenjit Chatterjee. With RummyCircle, you can get up to 2000 Rs joining bonus. To get a bonus for sure don’t forget to enter “Insertcode” this referral code.

As you know, the Indian audiences want to play rummy that’s the reason behind rummy app popularity. You can play rummy online through RummyCircle App at any time with online players.

Features Of RummyCircle Rummy App


Steps To Download RummyCircle Rummy App

Step 1: First of all visit Rummy circle official website:

Step 2: Now on registration form enter your details like username, password, email id, date of birth, choose your state

Step 3: After entering your details click on Register for free

Step 4: Finally you will be instatly redirect to rummy circle dashboard.

Step 5: That’s it

Conclusion of Best Rummy Apps

Hope you enjoyed this post while reading. Now if you have any doubt regarding Best Rummy Apps in India to Earn Paytm Cash, You can comment below.

Indian Rummy Apps are legal in India. So you don’t have any restrictions for playing rummy games to earn real Paytm cash. You should remember that rummy games are not a gambling or neither harmful for anyone. Still, you need to do practice on regular basis to improve your winning chances. Then only you can earn good money while playing Rummy.

So Guys, see you soon in the next post. Bye! Wish you all a nice journey to earn real Paytm cash by playing Indian Rummy Apps.

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