How to Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free for Lifetime

Hello readers, We are back with new tricks, Hotstar Premium account free: are you looking for free Hotstar premium account? You are at the right place just check out below. This trick already verified personally. Are you a sports lover? Then this page is very helpful for you. To watch any sports live? you need to upgrade to premium in Hotstar app. But today I am explaining to you, how to do a premium account for free.

This is a place where you can enjoy cricket, Tennis, Football and all other matches not only sports live shows which are come under the banner of the premium. By all these streams you need to upgrade your Hotstar to premium account many peoples don’t know about this trick, so today I am explaining you various methods to get a free Hotstar premium account.


By the Hotstar premium account peoples can watch live cricket, Football, Tennis and other live shows this is very useful and helpful to all peoples, Hotstar is an over the Top streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. Hotstar has launched in the year 2015th February month. They are released many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati.

What is Hotstar Premium?

The Hotstar Premium account costs you Rs. 299 for one month and Rs. 999 for one year. And recently they also launched a new plan called Hotstar VIP which costs Rs. 365 for one year. In this article, I am going to explain to you how to do a Hotstar premium account for free. So read carefully and don’t skip any steps or methods.

Earlier Hotstar only streams the sports matches but now they are also started to stream the movies, Daily shops, and its original web series and sponsored contents but watching all these contents you need to upgrade your Hotstar account to premium. Which is a paid service? Who is following this article they will get a free Hotstar premium account. So let’s start our today’s content.

There are Two Plans for Users

  • Hotstar Premium for 1 month Rs. 199 And for 1-year rs. 999, this pack includes all shows and web series which are under the premium banner.
  • Hotstar for all sports plans Rs. 299 for one year by this plan you can watch any live sports.

How To Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free?

Guys, this is already verified by our team and which we mentioned below all the methods are working, if any methods not working please feel free to comment on us, we will help you on the same. This is an absolute method to get Hotstar premium account, By using Jio sim, using a virtual credit card and by user Id and password who have already premium activated accounts.

Note:- Guys, This post is only for the education purpose, we never aim to break any rules and regulations of Star India Private Limited


Method 1 :

Free Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password

Guys, in the heading itself making you clear that in this section we will provide you the list of Hotstar premium account login Id and Password for free. If it doesn’t work please just mail or comment us we will provide you the other Id and password.

I think this method is very easy because you don’t have any stretch to copy and paste the below mentioned Hotstar Premium account login  Id and password.

[email protected]:          karthi1983
[email protected]      pse40130
[email protected]:         october2315
[email protected]:       binny3251
[email protected]:        Wedding27
[email protected]:        04031993

Method 2:-

By Using Jio TV app

All guys know about Jio, When Jio came it changes the whole outlook of India, Now lots of peoples are using Jio sim because of plans cost less and you will get high Internet speed to compare to other networks, these are the main reason of peoples are most of all using Jio Sim. Jio has many other features like Jio Music, Jio Tv, Jio Money Wallet, Jio Chat, Jio Cinema these are the various features of Jio. Which I mentioned the features of a free of cost, You will get free caller tune my Jiomusic app, By the Jio TV app, you can watch any channel shows like movies, sports, anything you can watch. Last final one word about Jio: For all Jio customers will get Free Hostar Premium.

How to get Hotstar premium Account Through Jio Sim

  • First of all, you need to download the Jio TV app from below mentioned link.  ( If already downloaded then don’t need to download again )

Jio TV App

  • Next, open the Jio Tv app normally.
  • Now search any shows of Star Plus channel and click on that shows
  • Now it will redirect you to the Hotstar app, if you don’t have a Hotstar app then download the Hotstar app from below mentioned link.

Download Hotstar App

  • After Downloaded the Hotstar now again follows the same procedure.
  • Just open now Jio TV app and search for Star TV shows once you click on that you will redirect to the Hotstar app
  • Now Hotstar Login page will appear asking you to log in. Now enter your Jio number or skip login it will automatically login using Jio App
  • As Jio account login on other Jio apps, now you just want to skip on Jio apps it login of its own by your mobile number.

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Method 3:

Using Videoder App (Hostar Premium Account)

Using the Videoder app is the best method to get a Premium account, How to get Premium by using Videoder? Just follow the below steps to get a Free Premium account.

  • First of all, you need to download Videoder app from below mentioned link

Download Videoder App

  • Once download Videoder app just open it.
  • Now you need to click on see all sites option.


  • Now on the list, you can see Hotstar icon, Just click on it.


  • Now Hotstar will open, Now search any premium content which you want.
  • Now enjoy your premium shows by using Videoder.


  • If it is asked for a premium account no problem just click on the shows and at the bottom of the corner you can see download option, just click on that.
  • Now you will get a quality selection page, click any one and process it will process and download the premium video.
  • That’s it and enjoy it.

 Method 4:

Using Virtual Debit and Credit Card

By using the Debit and Credit card method is a little long procedure, you will get the free trial to such an app for a month or two month but for this, you need to give your credit card details to the app to get a free trial. After the free trial you need to pay additional money for that so use Virtual card only.

  • First of all, open Hotstar on your device.
  • Now, signup with a new email and add all the information needed.
  • Now just search for any premium banner or any shows, just click on it.
  • Now your app redirects you to a premium plan page where you can see the different plans.
  • Don’t worry, For the new user there is a free trial for one month or two months, but you need to give your Virtual credit card details to them.
  • So for that, you need to Download Zeta app from below mentioned link

Download Zeta App

  • Now sign in and add Rs. 10 to the wallet.
  • Now you can able to access your virtual card from here.
  • Now give these details in Hotstar trail and pay Rs. 10 to Zeta App once for 2-month premium free.
  • After two months sign up once again with the new email account and again get a free trial for two months by using ZETA APP or any app which gives you a virtual credit card.

Note:- all the above tricks are verified by our team, if any tricks are not working please follow any other method, here we are explaining you 4 methods to get a free Hotstar premium account. These tricks are only for educational purposes not for any illegal or break the rules of Star India Private Limited.

Guys in the above-mentioned method easiest are using the Jio App, this method is only for Jio customers. And another best method to get a free premium account is by the Videoder app. And you can log in to the above-mentioned Email Id and password.

Conclusion Of Free Hotstar Premium account

Guys, Hope you understand all the mentioned methods, these all methods are verified by our team, if any method not working then please follow any other method, and if you have any doubt regarding these steps just feel free to comment or contact us by Mail, We will rectify your doubts within a short time. Guys for more loot and tricks and free paytm cash or free recharge just keep visiting Thanks and enjoy it.

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