Junio App Referral Code: Get Upto Rs.1000 on Sign Up

Junio App Referral Code JUNIOANK: Children are always urged to get their pocket money. They want to spend on their own, but as parents, this is a matter of concern. As parents, you want your child to learn the importance of earning money and saving it.

This is indeed a good habit of making your children understand that savings are the key to a secure future. Moreover, children should learn the benefits of savings at an early age. They should understand how to spend money wisely and should calculate everything. 

For this, there is a unique platform called Junio App. Junior card is a smart card specifically meant for children below the age of 18. With Junio smart cards, children can learn how to save and spend money. They would realize how smart spending could result in a financially secured future.

Using Junio will refrain them from spending unnecessarily. You can use this card for all kinds of online and offline transactions. The best part of Junio is that parents could keep an eye on the expenditure of their child and could have complete control over it. 

Junio App Referral Code 2021

Use Junio app referral code: JUNIOANK on Sign Up to get Rs.1000 free balance.

Junio App Referral Code 2021JUNIOANK
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Junio Referral CodeJUNIOANK

About Junio App

Junio App Referral Code

Junio is a smart card for your child’s pocket money. You can use this card to manage your child’s expenses online as well as offline. It is a master card, and no KYC is required for ordering this card. With this card, parents would have complete control over the transactions, and they would get to know how much and where their child is spending.

This way, parents would make their children learn about financial independence. Also, the child would be able to understand the notion of spending money wisely and calculatingly. 

Junio helps the children to learn how to save, how to spend, and how to earn as well. Ordering the Junio master card is straightforward. When you use the physical card, you will get a 5% cashback on each transaction. If you use the virtual card instead of the physical card, you will get a 2% cashback on every transaction. 

Junio App Key Features

  • This is the children’s pocket money MasterCard.
  • Highly simplified and easy registration process.
  • Junio app has a rating of 4.5 on the Play Store.
  • Get the physical card at the cost of Rs. 99 only.
  • Up to Rs. Ten thousand can be loaded on this card per month.
  • 5% cashback on every transaction via physical card and 2% cashback on the transactions made via virtual card.
  • The child’s name would be printed on the card.
  • Get real-time notifications whenever the card is used. 
  • You can make instant transfers during an emergency.
  • Autopilot can be allowed, and You could check the details monthly or weekly.
  • With Junio, children can earn some pocket money by completing several tasks.
  • Zero annual charges for using Junio MasterCard.
  • Make your child learn how to earn, spend and save through Junio.

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How to get registered on Junio App and Get Signup Bonus

Writing on Junio is a straightforward and simple process. Follow the below-provided steps to register on the Junio app:

1. Download the Junio app from Google Play Store

Or you can visit www.Junio.in. Enter your mobile number and get a direct link to download the app. 

2. Install the application and open the app, you would get an intro screen, that you can easily skip.

junio app

3. Then enter your mobile number to register.

4. Verify your mobile number with the OTP that you will receive on your number.

5. Next, you have to create a security PIN to log in.

6. Create a 4 digit pin and confirm it by re-entering the same code.

7. Enter your basic information, such as Gender, full name, and date of birth.

8. Fill in our Junio referral code, JUNIOANK to earn Rs. 50-200 as a signup bonus. 

junio apps

9. On the next page select the option, I’m a Guardian. 

junio app guardian

10. Click on Proceed, the next step is to enter the documents of the Guardian. You can use your PAN card, Passport or Driving license.

junio app guardian

11. On the next page, it would ask you to add your child’s details but can skip this information. But you have to add the appropriate date of birth of your child.

junio app guardian

12. Enter the address where you want the physical card to be delivered. 

13. Upon using the Junio card, you will get a 5% cashback on every transaction, whether online or offline. Moreover, 2% cashback will be awarded in case you are using the virtual card. 

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How to order the Junio card?

1. Get the Junio physical card at Rs. 99 only.

2. Enter the address where you want the card to be delivered.

3. Pay the amount and the card would be delivered within 7 business days.

4. Once you order the card, you win a scratch card worth Rs. 50 to Rs. 1000 cashback.

Junio App Refer & Earn Offer

Junio allows the users to earn Rs. 1000 by just referring the app to your friends. 

1. Share your referral code with your friends via any social media platform.

2. When your friend orders their Junio card, you stand a chance to win Rs. 1000, Rs. 500, Rs. 100 or Rs. 10.

3. The referral amount would be credited instantly to your Junio account, which could be withdrawn using the Junio MasterCard.

Conclusion of Junio app Referral Code

Junio MasterCard is a revolutionary product for all parents and children of course. As this is a MasterCard, one can enjoy some extra benefits and offers. Moreover, this card can be used on any nearby store or online stores such as Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Paytm, Flipkart, and several others.

On the Junio app, there would be several tasks that would be fun for your child to complete. The best part is that on completion of each task, your child would be rewarded with some bonus.

This way the child will learn how to earn money. This is a breakthrough product and has the potential to change pocket money perception.

There is no harm in giving pocket money to the children but at the same time, it is very important to keep an eye on the expenses of your child and where exactly they are spending. 

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