Winzo Gold Referral Code 2024: Get Rs.50 on Sign up

Hello Friends, I come back with another gaming and fantasy app “Winzo Gold” in which you can earn money by playing games and fantasy leagues. Winzo Gold app gives you Rs.50 on sign up, Rs.50 as cash bonus for using Winzo gold Referral Code and Rs.40 as ticket worth.

Enter Winzo Gold Referral Code 2024: ANK3ED7A on sign up on WinZO & get Rs.18 bonus for using our WinZo App referral code 2024 & share your Winzo referral code 2024 with your friends. When anybody joins using your referral code, then you will get an Rs.27 bonus and your referral friend get Rs.18.

Use Winzo referral code ANK3ED7A to get Rs.50 on sign up on Winzo. This app also has an option to refer & earn. So you can earn up to Rs.5000 by referring Winzo Gold app with your friends. You will get Rs.37 on each successful referral.

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Winzo Gold Referral Code 2024

Winzo Gold Referral Code 2023ANK3ED7A
Sign Up BonusRs.50 Sign Up Bonus
Referral AmountRs.37 Per Refer
Refer Valid forNew Users
Winzo Gold App Referral CodeANK3ED7A

Winzo Gold App

Winzo Gold is an online gaming app from which you can earn unlimited Paytm cash. You can also play a fantasy league on the Winzo Gold app and earn paytm cash. you can play more than 25+ games on Winzo Gold like Fruit Samurai, Bubble Shooter, Snake Rush, Stupid Birds, etc. You can connect with your Facebook friends on Winzo Gold and play different games with them.

The size of the Winzo Gold app is 70.20 MB because it contains many online games. This app is available in 10 different languages, You can choose your preferred language. This app is India’s biggest cash game and you can instantly withdraw your winning from this app to your paytm wallet.

Winzo Gold APK Download 2024

Searching for Winzo gold apk download 2024? If yes, then download it from here.

Download Winzo Gold Apk

You can play games and fantasy leagues on the Winzo Gold app by visiting Winzo Gold official website.  You can also directly download the Winzo Gold app from Google. Below are the steps given which you should follow to download the Winzo Gold app on your smartphone.

1. Download the Winzo Gold app from the given link below.


winzo gold download

2. Tap “OK” on the dialouge box that appears.

Screenshot 20200111 164603 Chrome 2

3. Then, Go to the settings.

4. Go to the security option and enable ” Unknown sources ” to allow installation.

5. Then, Tap ” OK ” when asked for confirmation.

6. Tap on ” INSTALL “ and you are now ready to register and rock on Winzo Gold.

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How to Register on Winzo Gold App

1. After installation, Open Winzo Gold app on your smartphone.

2. Then choose your preferred language and click on ” continue “.

Screenshot 20200111 164912 WinZO Gold 2

3. Now enter your mobile number and click 0n ” Send OTP “.

Screenshot 20200111 164938 WinZO Gold 2

4. Now enter OTP which is sent to your mobile number and click on Verify and Proceed.

5. After verification, click on the Apply Referral code option.

Winzo Gold Referral code: Use ANK3ED7A as a referral code on sign up in Winzo Gold app and get Rs. 50 as a signup bonus.

6. Finally, enter your details like Name, Email ID.

7. Now you can play various types of games and fantasy league on this app.


Winzo Gold Refer & Earn: How to Get Your Winzo Gold App Referral Code?

1. Open the Winzo Gold app on your smartphone.

2. Then go to the Refer tab.

winzo refer earn 1

3. Now click on Refer & Earn option.

4. Finally, you will get the referral code and referral link.

5. Now click on ” Refer Friends Now ” and share your referral code with your friends to earn up to Rs.5000.

You can share your referral code with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Bluetooth, Message, Email, Wifi Direct, etc

winzo refer earn

6. Finally, You can see your referral status by clicking on ” CHECK YOUR REFERRAL STATUS “.

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Winzo Gold Refer & Earn Features:

1. When your referral friend Install Winzo Gold app & verify then you will get Rs.5.

2. When your referral friend add 1st cash, then you will get Rs.20.

3. When referral plays 10 games on WinZOBaazi, Then you will get Rs.2.

4. When Your referral friends add 5 more referrals, then you will get Rs.10.

Winzo Coupon Code 2024

App NameWinzo
Winzo Referral CodeANK3ED7A
Winzo Coupon CodeWW5OFF1
Winzo Gold Coupon Code 2021CASH_BONUS1

Enter Winzo Coupon code WW5OFF1 to get Rs.5 discount. If you are Winzo app user then apply Winzo app coupon code 2024 CASH_BONUS1.

Inside the Winzo Gold App:


In the winzobaazi section, you have the option to play more than 25+ games and win unlimited paytm cash.

Games available in WinzoBaazi section are like

1. Winzo Rummy

2. Bubble Shooter

3. Snake Rush

4. Cricket

5. Carrom

6. Knife Up

7. Arena Fighters

8. Memory Mania

9. Candy Match

10. Basket Ball

11. Fruit Fighter

12. Metro Surfer

13. Howzat

14. Stupid Birds

15. Mine Runner

16. Space Hunter

17. Block Smasher

18. Alien Attack

19. Guns and Bottles

20. Fly Ballons

21. Space Warrior

22. Penalty Shoot

23. Crazy Quiz

25. Bear Run

Screenshot 20200111 165030 WinZO Gold

How to play games in Winzo Baazi?

1. Open Winzo Gold and Go to the ” WINZO BAAZI “.

2. There are more than 25 games in the Winzo Baazi section, select any games according to your choice.

3. Then, wait for few seconds for the Downloading process.

4. Now, Choose your Boot Amount.

Note: If you are a new user then you can play only free or Rs.2 contest, You can unlock higher-paid contest if you play free or Rs.2 contest more than 10 times.

winzo 5

6. Finally, show your gaming skills and win unlimited Paytm cash.

winzo 8

 WinZO Baazi Rules

  1. A maximum of 3 players are allowed per boot table.
  2. Boot amount and the respective winning amounts are as follows:
  • Free table
  • Rs. 5.2 for Rs. 2
  • Rs. 13.5 for Rs. 5
  • Rs. 27 for Rs. 10
  • Rs. 67 for Rs. 25

3. If you quit the game mid-session or use other apps over Winzo, then your gaming session will be terminated and the deducted boot amount will not be refunded.

2. 24*7 Tournaments

In this section, you can participate in live tournaments and play games with 1000 players at the same time. You should participate in any live tournaments before its deadline.

How to play 24*7 Tournaments?

1. Open Winzo Gold App on your smartphone.

2. Go to the “24*7” section.

3. Now you can see many live games, Click on any games according to your choice.

winzo gold tournament

4. Finally, Pay the contest fee and join the contest.

Note: You can attempt the games unlimited times in this tournament but take care of the time, You have to submit your contest 3 minutes before the time left.

5. The tournament result will be announced at the end.

You can instantly get the winning amount in your Winzo Gold Wallet.

 24*7 Tournaments Rules

  1. You can choose any existing tournament of your favorite games or create your Youaown tournaments by paying the entry fee for the tournament.
  2.  You can attempt the games unlimited times as long the tournaments are live on the app and improve their score.
  3. These tournaments run from a prize pool of Rs.1,000 to Rs. 10,000 varying from time to time.
  4. You can join any specific tournament by using the joining code of a tournament.

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Fantasy League:

You can also get the option of play Fantasy leagues in Winzo Gold. Winzo Fantasy Leagues hosts fantasy leagues for multiple games like Cricket, Kabaddi, Badminton, Etc. Players can join any specific fantasy leagues by using the joining code of the leagues.

Rules of each fantasy leagues will be different. So, carefully know all the rules about the specific leagues before participating in it. If winzo Fantasy leagues canceled, Then the participating amount will be credit in the Winzo Gold wallet of the participants.

How to Play Fantasy leagues on Winzo Gold App?

1. Open Winzo Gold App on your smartphone.

2. Go to the “FANTASY LEAGUES”.

3. click on any leagues of your choice.

4. Now You can see the different categories of paid contest, Join any contest by clicking on ‘JOIN NOW”.

5. Then Select 15 players in cricket Fantasy leagues.

6. Select Captian and Vice-captain of the team.

Note: Captian will give you 2x points and vice-captain will give you 1.5x points.

7. Now Click on “Submit Ticket” and pay contest joining money.

8. Go to the My Matches & track your all contest. You can also check your live ranking.

Fantasy League Rules

  1. You can choose any existing tournament of the live fantasy games by paying the entry fee for the tournaments or create their own private contest.
  2. You can join any specific fantasy league by using the joining code of a league.
  3. The result of each fantasy will be announced within 24 hours of the ending of the game.
  4. In case of a game getting canceled, your participation amount will be credited in the Winzo Gold wallet.

Daily Quizzes Rules

  1. You can participate in one or more quizzes active at the time.
  2. You can purchase any number of tickets corresponding to one or more options present in the quiz by paying the total ticket price. e.g 10 tickets corresponding to Option A, tickets corresponding to option B and so on.
  3. Some quizzes can ave more than one correct answer, Option announced correctly by the company shall be considered final.
  4. The rules for each quiz is different. Read the rules for each quiz carefully before participating.

How to Create a Private contest on Winzo?

1. From the Home tab, click on the Tournament/Fantasy League Tab.

2. Click on any ongoing Matches.

3. From the bottom right corner click on the ” Create Private Contest” button.

4. Fill in all the required info and then click next.

5. Now Select the number of winners and submit the contest.

6. Create your team and invite your friends for a private contest via your link or code.

How to Add Your friends in Winzo Gold?

You can add your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Phone Contact friends on Winzo Gold App. You can play games with your friends in Winzo Gold and win unlimited Paytm Cash. You can also do chat with your friends and borrow money from them. Below are the steps given which you should follow to add your friends in Winzo Gold.

1. Open Winzo Gold App and Go to the ” VERSUS ” section.

2. Now Click on people icon which is on the bottom left side.

3. Now Connect your Whatsapp, Facebook with Your Winzo Gold Account.

4. All done, Now you can add your Whatsapp and Facebook friends on Winzo Gold.

How to Add cash in Winzo Gold App?

1. Open Winzo Gold app & Go to the wallet.

2. Click on “ADD CASH”.

winzo 2

3. Now enter the amount & click on Add Now.

Note: When you add money first time in Winzo Gold wallet then you will get a 100% bonus.

4. Now add your cash through your suitable Payment method.

You can add cash in Winzo Gold wallet through Paytm, UPI Payment, Net banking and debit or credit card.

winzo 4 1

Winzo Gold Promo code & Offer.

1. Cash bonus

You will get a 50% cash bonus every time when you add money in your winzo gold wallet. the maximum cashback you will get is Rs.20 and you can’t withdraw this money, You can use it in playing games and fantasy leagues.

2. Free Ticket

You will get a 100% DISCOUNT on the playing fantasy league. You just click on a free ticket and have to join fantasy by adding money. You will get up to Rs. 10 cashback.

3. Play Quiz Contest in free

You will get a 100% discount on playing quiz DEEP vs KAT. The maximum cashback you will get is Rs. 25.

4. Rs.500 CASHBACK

Get 5% cashback up to Rs.500 on the deposit of Rs.500 or more in your Winzo Gold account.

How to register for Winzo Superstar.

You can earn Rs.2500 weekly to Rs. 5 lakhs monthly from Winzo Gold app By joining Winzo Superstar contest.

1. Go to the “Refer ” Tab.

2. Then select the “Winzo Superstar option.

3. Now click on register, submit your social handles and get started.


1. Each app install by your referral contacts.

2. Each referral contact who add money on Winzo for the first time.

3. Each referral contact who plays the first 10 games on WinZOBaazi.

4. Each referral contact who becomes a Winzo superstar.

You can withdraw the superstar earnings immediately to your bank/wallet up to a maximum set limit per day by clicking on the ‘withdraw’ button.

The earnings of Winzo superstar can not be redeemed if the number of referrals is less than the minimum set number of referrals required to qualify as a WinZO Superstar.

Money Borrow or lend Rules:

1. You can get cash bouns from time to time based on your performance on the platform but not on the need or request basis.

2. If you are running a little short on the cash, then you can borrow from your friends on Winzo and return when you have won a sufficient amount from it.

3. To use these features you should go to the “friends” tab in the Winzo app and select the rupee button on the top right corner of the screen. Here you can create a public request with your required borrow and return amount so that your connections can help you out.

4. You can also help your friends.

5. You should note that once you play and wins with the borrowed amounts, your winnings will first be credit to the lender’s bouns wallet till the pre-determined return amount is reached.

How to withdraw your Winnings from Winzo Gold?


Multiple modes of transactions are available on the app. you can easily withdraw your winnings by following some simple steps:

1. Click the “Withdraw” button in the “wallet” tab. You can select from the following modes of transaction directly;

  • Paytm
  • UPI Transfer
  • Bank Transfer

winzo 9

2. Now enter your desired amount and click on ” Withdraw Now”.

winzo 11

3. Woohoo! Your withdraw has been successful!

Cash Addition and Withdraw rules:

1. Ensure you have completed the KYC in Paytm from the same number which you have used to register with WinZO.

2. You can withdraw only the winning amount. Added or bouns amount cannot be withdrawn.

3. You can not withdraw less than a minimum amount and more than a set maximum amount within 24 hours.

4, You can withdraw only once in 24 hours with a 5% withdrawal fee applicable.

5. For withdrawal via UPI or Bank transfer, the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 30.

Terms & Condition of Winzo Gold:

1. The contest open to only Indian citizens, Residing in India except the residents of the Indian State of Assam, Orissa, and Telangana.

2. Citizens or residents of countries other than India are not eligible to participate in the contest.

3. If you are found or suspected to be defrauding the systems of the contest in any manner then you shall be Debanned from participating in the contest and the Winzo may take legal action against you.

4. Employee of winzo, Its respective holding and third-party service providers who have been engaged by winzo for the development, promotion, Administration, or Execution of the contest, and their Family/Household members are not eligible to participate in the contest.

5. The minimum age required for register in winzo gold is 18 years.

Proof of winning in Winzo Gold:

winzo gold winning


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